How to Post Betting Tips and Participate in Competitions

Last changed: 05.03.2024

To participate in our competitions you have to post betting tips. A betting tip is a recommendation for a sports bet using odds and other information from one of our supported bookmakers.

The following guide will help you understand how to create betting tips. To be eligible for prizes, you must also follow our Rules and Conditions (the references in square brackets point to the rules on that page).

How to post a betting tip:

  1. Log in to your account if you haven't already. If you don't have an account on our site, register here.
  2. Find the event, bet, and odds that you wish to tip. You must use one of the bookmakers that we support. A useful practice is selecting the bookmaker with the highest odds for your bet. This will give you maximum profit if your betting tip is successful. Keep both the bookmaker page and our site open (in separate browser windows or tabs) so that you can easily copy the necessary information.
  3. Click on the My account button and then New betting tip to open the form for adding betting tips. Fill in the required fields:
    • Event - information about the sports or other type of event. You can copy this information and the formatting from the bookmaker page. If it's a sports matchup between two teams or athletes for example: "Contestant 1 name vs Contestant 2 name" (e.g. "FC Barcelona vs FC Real Madrid"). If one of the contestants has a home-court advantage it's common practice to write it first. [rules 3.10, 3.5]
    • Bookmaker - select the bookmaker that has the odds you are using for your betting tip. See all of our supported bookmakers here.
    • Date and time - select the time when the event starts and the odds close on the bookmaker page. You have to post the betting tip at least two hours before the odds close. [rule 3.9]
    • Sport, region, league - select the correct sport, region, and league. If there isn't an appropriate category in the list select the Other option.
    • Betting tip/pick - this field is the most important one because it has to show what bet you are tipping/picking. Try to keep the formatting as simple and straightforward as possible without excluding any important information. Once again it's a good idea to copy information from the bookmaker (as it would appear on a betting slip). Users who read your betting tip must be able to find the bet and odds on the bookmaker page easily. [rule 3.11 with formatting examples, 3.5, 3.6]
    • Odds - use the European odds format for this field (e.g. 2.05). The odds have to be exactly the same as they are on the bookmaker page at the time of publishing the betting tip. Odds drop and rise all the time. Therefore, it's important to get the latest odds right before you save your betting tip (refresh the bookmaker tab or browser window if the odds don't refresh automatically). [rule 3.13]
    • Stake - the stake size from 1 to 10 in units has to reflect your confidence in the bet's success. [rule 3.14]
    • Information about the potential profit of the betting tip:
      • Profit = Stake x Odds - Stake (there is also the "Half win" option for Asian Handicap).
      • If the betting tip loses, Loss = -Stake (there is also the "Half lost" option for Asian Handicap).
      • Odds x Stake can not exceed 40. We limit using high odds and stakes to minimize the luck factor in our competitions. [rule 3.15]
    • Analysis - write at least 40 words in English about why somebody should use your betting tip and why it has value. For example, you can use statistics or past results to back up your pick, important factors that may come into play, why bookies have misjudged the odds, or other information that you think is useful. [rules 3.12, 3.7, 3.8]
  4. When you have completed the betting tip form check to see if the odds have changed on the bookmaker page and adjust them if necessary.
  5. Click on the Post tip button to save your betting tip. That's it!

After posting a betting tip it can't be altered by the author. Errors in betting tips can be self-reported or reported by others by clicking on the Report tip link on the tip page. You can add a reason for the report to the tip comment section or by contacting us at info[at] Administrators will fix the errors or take other necessary action as soon as possible. [rule 3.3]

Once the event finishes our administrators will determine the result and update the betting tip (usually this can take up to 24 hours). If you have enabled notifications (click on My account and then My settings under E-mail notifications) you will get an e-mail right after the update. The betting tip result will always be the same as it would be for the corresponding bet on the bookmaker page. This means that rules for determining the result will be governed by the chosen bookmaker. This is important because bookies may have different rules when it comes to different sports (e.g. tennis match retirements).

This may seem overwhelming to somebody who hasn't participated in betting tip competitions before but we can assure you it's really easy and intuitive once you have posted your first tips. A great way to start in addition to using this guide is to follow our competitions and view examples from other tipsters:

For questions or additional information send us an e-mail at info[at]