Rules and Conditions

Last changed: 05.03.2024

All site users must follow the rules and conditions listed in section "1. General Rules" and the ones on our Terms of Use page. Users who post betting tips and take part in our competitions (also referred to as tipsters) must also follow the rules in sections "2. Tipster Rules" and "3. Competition Rules" to be eligible for prizes.


  1. General Rules
  2. Tipster Rules
  3. Competition Rules
  4. Reserved Rights

1. General Rules

1.1. Malicious attempts to hack or disrupt the workflow of any part of this website will be punished without prior warning. This especially includes attempts to alter competition results in any way.

1.2. Only one user account per person is allowed on this website. We may perform additional security checks to detect multiple account holders and block or remove duplicate accounts.

1.3. All posts including betting tips and comments have to use appropriate language and match the intended purpose. Insulting, racist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminative language is prohibited. Linking to external sources or advertising is prohibited unless previously agreed upon with the administrative staff.

2. Tipster Rules

2.1. Every user who participates in our competitions has to be at least 18 years old and reside in a jurisdiction where sports betting is legal. Each contestant is responsible for complying with any relevant laws and regulations that apply in their region.

2.2. Every user must complete the trial period to participate in any of our competitions by posting at least 5 settled betting tips:

  • This is necessary to see if the user is motivated and capable of following the rules and conditions of our site.
  • Tips posted during the trial period count toward profit calculation, but the tipster is not displayed on the competition leaderboards at that time.
  • All tipsters who have not completed the trial period have this icon following their username

2.3. In addition to completing the trial period, all verified tipsters have to go through our one-time basic personal data verification process. This is done by submitting a form with the necessary information (click on My account and then My settings to see your verification status and link to the form):

  • This information has to be submitted only once. The submission will be reviewed as soon as possible. The submitter will receive a notification once data is verified or additional information is needed.
  • We only use the submitted data for your benefit and the verification process. All data will be removed from our database once this is complete for extra security.
  • All verified tipsters have this icon following their username

2.4. Only verified tipsters can withdraw earnings (cash prizes, rewards, etc) from their wallets (click on My account and then Wallet). Accepted withdrawal methods at the moment include Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal so a valid user account on one of those payment providers is required to receive withdrawals. The info that you provided during verification has to match the payment receiver information when you make a withdrawal.

3. Competition Rules

See the How to Post Betting Tips and Participate in Competitions guide if you need help getting started.

The rules in this section apply to both monthly and special competitions if not stated otherwise on the competition page.

3.1. To be eligible for prizes the contestant has to post the minimum amount of settled tips required for the competition (5 for the monthly competition). Users with less than the necessary amount of tips will be removed from the final leaderboards.

3.2. You can post up to 10 betting tips per day. You can check how many tips you have posted today by clicking on your My account button (see Tips today).

3.3. After posting a betting tip it can't be altered by the author. Errors in betting tips can be self-reported or reported by others by clicking on the Report tip link on the tip page. You can add a reason for the report to the tip comment section or by contacting us at info[at] Administrators will fix the errors or take other necessary action as soon as possible.

3.4. Betting tips that are deemed by our administrators to be deliberately using fake or copied information will be removed and the tipster will be punished. This includes using picks or odds that do not exist on the bookmaker page, tips that are copied from other users or external sources, etc. It is encouraged for other users to report such tips using the reporting function mentioned in the previous rule.

3.5. You can post up to two betting tips on the same event but the pick has to be different. Also, the odds have to differ by at least 0.50. For example, you can bet on "Team 1 to win" in a football match and also "Team 1 -1 handicap" as long as the odds for the handicap are higher by at least 0.50.

This does not include betting tips for tournaments, seasons, or other events that have multiple stages and progression. You can post more than two betting tips as long as they are not for the same team or player. For example a tournament with a group stage and play-off:

  • Let's say the tournament has 6 groups. You can post betting tips for all the group winners. E.g. "Team 1 to win group A", "Team 2 to win group B", "Team 3 to win group C", etc.
  • You can't however bet on "Team 1 to win group A", "Team 1 to advance to the quarter-final", "Team 1 to advance to the semi-final", etc.

3.6. You can't use accumulators and different types of system bets for your tips. Some bookmakers offer the possibility of placing a single bet for combined picks of one or several sports or other events (e.g. for a football match "Team 1 to score and over 2.5 goals" and for two or more matches "Team 1 to win and Team 2 to win"). These types of odds are permitted. The rule of thumb is that if you can place a single bet using the betting slip of your selected bookmaker you can use it for your betting tip.

3.7. Betting tips have to be unique. Multiple users can use the same pick and odds but the analysis has to be created by the author. Copying other tipsters is not permitted.

3.8. Using tips or copying analysis from other sources on the web is not permitted.

3.9. You have to post the betting tip at least two hours before the start of the event and the odds close. The date and time of the betting tip have to match the time the odds close on the bookmaker page. For example, if the odds close at 18:00, the betting tip has to be posted by 15:59 and 59 seconds. Setting the time of the event to be later than it is to avoid this rule is not permitted. This is to ensure that other tipsters and site visitors have ample time to review the tip.

3.10. The "Event" field of the betting tip has to show what sports or another type of event it's about. This information and the formatting can be copied from the bookmaker page. For example:

  • If it's a sports matchup between two teams or athletes: "Contestant 1 name vs Contestant 2 name", e.g. "FC Barcelona vs FC Real Madrid". If one of the contestants has a home-court advantage it's common practice to write it first.
  • If the betting tip is not for a single event but for a tournament, season, or another type of event that has multiple stages and progression (e.g. "Outright", "Group winner" etc): "Event name", e.g. "NBA 2022-23 season".

3.11. The "Betting tip/pick" field of the betting tip has to show what bet the author is tipping/picking. Try to keep the formatting as straightforward as possible without excluding any important information. Once again it's a good idea to copy information from the bookmaker. Users who read your betting tip must be able to find the bet and odds on the bookmaker page easily. A few examples:

  • 1X2 bets have three possible results:
    • Team 1 (the home team if not on neutral grounds) win can be written as "Team 1 name", or simply as "1" (when writing a number it has to correspond to the order of the teams in the "Event" field).
    • A draw can be written as "Draw" or simply as "X".
    • Team 2 (the visitor team if not on neutral grounds) win can be written as "Team 2 name", or simply as "2" (when writing a number it has to correspond to the order of the teams in the "Event" field).
  • Different types of handicap bets can be written in the following format "Team name, + or - handicap line, handicap type" (e.g. "FC Barcelona -1 AH" if you wish to tip FC Barcelona to win -1 Asian Handicap). It is important to always specify the type of handicap.
  • Goals, points, and other types of line totals can be written like this "Team or player name if applicable, over or under (+ or -), line, type of line". Some examples:
    • "Liverpool +2.5 goals" - in this example, it's important to specify "goals" because otherwise, it would indicate a handicap bet.
    • "Over 2.5", "O 2.5" or "+2.5" - when predicting goals in a match you can use these shorthand forms or you can also write it out e.g. "Total goals over 2.5".
    • "S. Curry +44.5 points + assists + rebounds".
    • "D. Lillard over 3 three-pointers".
  • For exact score bets, you could write "Predicted score" corresponding to the order of the teams or players that you have in your "Event" field (e.g. "2:1", the home side will win two goals to one).
  • If you wish to tip bets for a part of the game (quarter, third, half, etc) add the information to the field (e.g. add "HT" for half-time bets, "1. quarter" for the first quarter, etc).
  • For player bets add the player name and other relevant info about the bet (e.g. "M. Salah first scorer" if you wish to tip that Mo Salah will be the first goalscorer of the game).
  • For tournament, season, or other event betting tips that have multiple stages and progression add the relevant info to this field. Some examples:
    • "Group A winner: England" - you can use both the "Event" and "Tip/pick" fields to give the necessary information. In the previous example, the "Event" field would just be "World Cup", but you could also write "World Cup, group A" in the "Event" and "England" in the "Tip/pick" field.
    • "Liverpool" - for season bets the same logic applies, the "Event" field could be "Premier League 2022-23 season outright" in this case.

3.12. The betting tip analysis has to be written in English and at least 40 words long. It has to make sense and explain why your betting tip has value otherwise it may be deemed ineligible by our administrators or other users who can report it using the Report tip link below the analysis.

3.13. The tipster has to make sure that the odds for the selected bet are exactly the same as they are on the bookmaker page at the time of publishing the betting tip. Odds drop and rise all the time. Therefore, it's important to get the latest odds right before you save your betting tip (refresh the bookmaker page if the odds don't update automatically). All odds have to be written in European format (e.g. 2.05).

3.14. The stake size of the betting tip has to reflect the tipster's confidence in the success of the bet.

3.15. Odds x Stake can not exceed 40. We limit using high odds and stakes to minimize the luck factor in our competitions.

3.16. When using bookmakers that have Exchange betting in addition to the traditional sportsbook (e.g. Betfair) you have to use odds from the regular sportsbook. Exchange odds are not permitted.

3.17. Using Bet Builder or other similar types of bookmaker features to generate odds for a betting tip is not permitted.

4. Reserved Rights

4.1. One of our main objectives is to provide fair competition. Our administrators check posted betting tips regularly. In addition, all users can report tips if they see any errors or misinformation. When betting tip errors are discovered, they are labeled malicious with the intent to gain an unfair advantage or unintentional. Malicious errors will be punished using the most severe methods at our disposal usually without prior warning. Tipsters who make unintentional errors will not be punished.

4.2. We reserve the right to discipline users who conduct malicious attempts to disrupt the workflow or our site as we see fit.

4.3. The following methods of punishment may be used: removing betting tips with errors from competitions, giving out warnings, banning the user and/or account for a certain period or forever, and disabling access to our competitions for a certain time or forever.

For questions or additional information send us an e-mail at info[at]